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An undiagnosed thyroid disorder led Chirag Patel hyperfocused and research-driven towards his health and personal development to overcome numerous symptoms that made life very uncomfortable.  Having daily symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, constant nervousness, sweaty moist skin; muscle aches and pain.  With weight fluctuations, trouble concentrating and sleeping.  This wasn’t a life-threatening disease, but one that didn’t make life very pleasant either. It wasn’t until his mid 30’s that his Thyroid disorder was diagnosed.

 After earning a degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida, Chirag owned a Health Food Store for 15 years, where he shared his passion and knowledge for health and herbal medicine with thousands of people.    He developed a high-quality product line (Roots of Wisdom)  that was sold in his store.  These products helped resolve his  health issues, and continues to help people today.  Roots of Wisdom uses patented and trademarked ingredients, European standardized herbal extracts and  does independent analyses of its finished products, also providing an open disclosure of ingredient suppliers.  So what you see on the label is what you get in the product

Chirag Patel
Not all Supplements are created equal!

Our Difference :

We have partnered with the finest raw material suppliers in the world, our products are scientifically validated

green powder

Formulations made with care

Addressing the Root Cause

Non Gmo

NSF Certified


Gluten Free

Dairy Free, Vegan/Vegetarian

Whole Food


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